Thursday, 5 September 2013

Hugglets Show London 8th Sept

All little guys are now finished, naned and tagged and ready for the show on are some preview photos...if you come to the show come and say hello....Hall 4 Stand 140A

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Bear patterns

I have some bear supplies from a bear-maker who has sadly passed away and there are quite a few  bear patterns available.
The patterns are complete and there are plastic template pieces with most of the designs, that have been traced off the pattern and cut out.
Message me if you are interested in buying any pattern.....all proceeds will go to the Hospice that looked after her during her last few months

Zulu 15"

Noel 16"

Grin and Bear It 17" and 13"

Impi 14"

Nellie Bear and Quaker

Fooss 7"


Barney 14"

Woody 14"

Rory 10"

Rabbits, includes the cotton pieces that have been cut out

Pattern for three bears their bodies measure 11"-12" not sure of the finished sizes

Very big bear....not sure of finished size but just the body length is 16"

Robson 14"

Fifi 14"

Toy Leopard 20"

David 21"

Teddy 19"

Jack 10"

Bam-Boo 12"

Harry 8"

Babe 11"

Bernard 24"